Marijuana Dispensaries – How to Choose

As Cannabis use becomes legalized in more states and the stigma against it lifts, finding dispensaries that provide high quality and extensive selections are essential. As with any business, it’s always a good sign to receive a smile and hello and Marijuana Dispensaries are no different. If you’re not feeling welcomed or even put off by rude or vacant clerks, there are dozens of shops within a few miles of Anaheim and hundreds in the LA, Orange and Santa Ana counties.

Picture of Portland Medical Marijuana DispensaryThese stores often have security workers. These men are there to protect the cash and hidden assets, as well as the workers themselves. Marijuana is mostly bought with money, for legal reasons that are beyond the purview of my expertise, so the guards are more necessary than with other goods that can be purchased with Debit or Credit. In buying medical cannabis, please have the advice from The Green Front professionals.

And most important to me is a selection. Cannabis is wonderfully diverse in the psychoactive and medicinal products it can be made into. Good Dispensaries often have learning material or reference posters to help new partakers in deciding what is right for them. Most stores have a wide selection of Leafy India’s, Sativa’s, Hybrids, Smokeables, Edibles, and Variables. Deciding which is best can be left to the stores, which group strains into Top, mid and Low shelf qualities. To know some legalities about this contact a credible Marijuana Dispensary consultant.

Personally, quality and strain should always be selected by three factors: 1st is most important, and that’s Smell! Inexperienced users might just smell a Skunk, but to the rounded nose, a ripe eye-watering scent is best, and with experience one can get quite familiar with their favorite strains. 2nd feature to look for is the Feel. Suitable pressures will be sticky to the touch, like Granola or Baklava. The leaf itself doesn’t provide much psychoactive substance. The stickiness desired comes from Keef or genuine THC crystals that are stuck to the leaves and stems. It’s yellowish, like Amber and stickier than molasses. The Dankest Bud is glazed with the stuff.

The very last quality is the most natural and most reliable: Look. Can you see a dusting of Amber grit all over the leaf? Are the buds spongy, flaky or papery? The best strains I’ve found all share a heavy dusting of Keef and look and feel like a lump of Granola.

But this only touches on the Leaf itself. Edibles and Vape accessories are also sold for those who wish to forgo the burning and the smoke.

As for finding these magical shops, googling Dispensary Near Me will show you an active list of dozens of possible stores. From the outside, they can look simple, with no signage beyond a Clinical or Laboratory sign that doesn’t correctly indicate what you’re getting into. Smiling and attentive security staff is the first good sign to look for. They deal with the best and worst of clientele, so if they seem relaxed and happy, you’re at the right place.

Another good indication of a good Store is the entrance process. First timers can sometimes walk right in, but a little paperwork and interaction with the Security staff is a good sign. My favorite store asks for ID on each visit before buzzing me through into the leading store, but first-timers fill out a piece of paper that involves signing your initials on some significant statements. Nothing left out to me as a Red Flag, but they only ask for it once. Other stores may have more complex processes for new customers. But these are precautions for their safety, as Marijuana Law is still controversial to some of our Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers. Don’t fear, SoCal dispensaries are clean and often prime examples of service.

Beyond the purely visual and Personnel aspects, Dispensaries are reasonably standard affairs. A line area for customers, a counter for weighing and bottling the Leaf and trays of ground Herb for Joints and Blunts. Some stores offer stamp cards and Happy Hours. My shop has Double Stamp Friday and a Happy Hour for each day of the week. Standard fare is to pay per gram or Joint or packaged edible. Most stores give bonuses, like a free joint or Dab*, with each purchase and one can very economically supply themselves.

In closing, all you need is Google and a little awareness to find the perfect dispensary. Greet the Security staff and the people behind the counter. I would equate the clinic most to a Soda Bar where all your toking and baking desires can be fulfilled.