Recommended Hunting Rifles for Beginners

In years past there were not really any special choices for hunters who were just starting out. If you wanted to start hunting you would purchase or borrow one of the commonly available rifles and begin. Now, however, there are a number of rifles,, that are more durable, accurate and fairly inexpensive.

New materials that are available along with improvements in machinery and plastics that are far more durable mean that the cost for good rifles has come down in price. With the rifles more affordable, hunters can afford to get a good scope with features that make it much easier to hit the target. This leads to beginners gaining confidence which helps them improve even further.

The Basics
When just starting out it is not at all necessary to spend $900 on the top of the line hunters clothes and gear. It is not necessary to spend over $2,000.00 on the finest rifle. Common bolt action rifles with a durable plastic stock are literally as much as 99% as effective as the much more expensive versions.

Remington 783
This $400.00 rifle comes with a detachable magazine, it has a modern look and an adjustable trigger. For those wanting a Remington, you will find this is one of the best choices, especially for beginners.

Ruger American
This is another rifle in the $400.00 range. For those who are looking for something under $500, this is the top of the line for its price range. Many of its features make it ideal for someone who is just starting out.

Beginners Should Avoid These Rifles
1. Pump Action – A beginner will be far more accurate with a bolt action rifle and they are considerably less expensive.
2. Semi-Automatics – These rifles require the user to always be aware of safety issues, they are much more complex in their use and when weighed against other options do not make a good rifle for the beginner.
3. Used Rifles – If you have a close friend or family member it might be ok to buy a used rifle from them if they are giving you a good deal. The problem is that rifles generally hold their value and most owners end up selling them for as much as they paid when it was new. If this is the case you reduce your risk of getting a problem rifle by simply buying new. Obviously, if the price is the same or very close to the same, then new is always better.

It is important that when starting out you don’t allow others to talk you into to wasting your money on things that won’t help you improve. As a beginner, the most important thing is to have a rifle that will shoot with good accuracy, and will not be too hard to handle safely.

Nothing else really matters. Until you have gained some experience and figured out what you need, then buying stuff will only serve to waste your money.

Hunting can be a wonderful experience. Just focus on enjoying the process.