Graphic Recording and The Importance of Visual Storytelling

Any project that may require a facilitator can be done right if you pick the right person for the job. Not everyone that will assist will be the right fit. Get to know who will help with what here and then start getting things in order.

A facilitator such as graphic recorder and visual story teller should have the right kind of education or at least some experience in general in the field that the topic is about. For instance, if someone is going to facilitate a meeting about doing more sales, someone that has a degree of some kind related to marketing would be a good choice. If you get someone that is not passionate about the different things they are going to talk about, it will be obvious. Even if the person had a job doing the task they will be discussing, that’s better than paying someone to read from a script they don’t know much about.

Is the person charismatic enough to do the job required? Some subjects require this kind of professional because they need to show others how to be excited about the subject matter. People that make others around them feel motivated, happy, and more can really make a difference. You can interview a few candidates, and you’ll know when you run into someone that is charismatic usually. Avoid those that seem very closed off or not very happy about working on the task because they may be hard to pay attention to.

Will the person be on time and care about the job enough for them to become a regular facilitator for you? Check their job history and see how long they’ve been at their jobs in the past. There are some people that are great for one or two sessions and then just fizzle out and go onto the next job opportunity. That may be all you need, but if not then you should do your best to find someone with a great history. If they are completely new to what they need to do, then it may pay to give them a trial run.

Some certifications are out there that specifically apply to facilitators. This is something that lets you know someone did the right training and is competent enough to do the job. One place is called the International Association of Facilitators and there are more. Try to look up what the certification means by seeing what people say about the course. An example would be to look up the name of the facilitator course and the word reviews using Google. If a lot of complaints are out there about it being a waste of money students paid, then it’s probably best to avoid hiring people that went through that course.

The way to work on a project when you require a facilitator is to take your time with it. You’ll need to make sure that this is something you take seriously. Otherwise, nobody will get much information and the goal of the meeting you’re having may not be met.