Best Way To Sell Your Car in The UK

Selling Your CarBoth new and used cars are regularly being sold throughout the UK, and even though there has been a recent slowdown in the sales of new cars, the used car market has been as popular as ever.

It is well known that when purchasing a new car and using your current car as a part exchange deal, you will be offered considerably less money than if you were to sell it privately. Therefore, particularly in this current economic climate, it is extremely beneficial to know the various ways to sell cars. So what are the best methods to sell your car in the UK?

Classified Adverts

Without a doubt the easiest online method, classified adverts online offer a very fast and extremely novice-friendly way to sell cars. In most cases, the seller simply logs onto the website, inputs the specification of the car they are looking to sell, uploads a handful of pictures and presses submit. From here, potential buyers will contact the seller and hopefully, within a matter of days, a sale will be finalised.

Online Auctions

The most popular online auction websites now have a dedicated area solely for car selling. Similar in principle to classified advert websites, the difference with online auctions is that they run the same way an offline auction is and the buyers must bid on the car. Once the auction has ended, the highest bidder is legally obliged to pay for the car and abide by any of the rules set by both the online auction house and the seller.

Car Magazines

Most national offline car magazines now have fully functional websites that allow for the advertisement of cars. Potential sellers must note that it is always recommended to contact the magazine directly regarding the advertising of cars, as a better deal can often be achieved this way (for example, if advertising is paid for in the magazine, they may offer free online advertising).

Own Website

Despite the more difficult way to sell cars online, it can often be the most rewarding long term, especially if selling cars regularly. Appropriate websites can now be set up for minimal costs, and while a tailor-made a website will look better and have more functions, the prices can be extremely costly. There are websites that allow a car owner to simply input their car details and within minutes a valuation for a car will return and an option to arrange for the car to be sold. An example of this is Car 4 Cash.

The best way to decide which is best, a free or paid website, is to simply have a look around the test areas of the free websites. Most will offer a fully functional demonstration area, and if it is deemed suitable, these are always highly recommended due to their low costs, extreme ease of setting up and the simplicity of maintaining any information that is uploaded to the website.